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Hi friends….
I want to tell you my experience when I joined OSN(National Sains Olympiad) 2008. In the first, before OSN for the city area was held, all of the student were taught by the teacher consist of what subject they choosed. Actually I didn’t know what subject will I choose cause there are eight subject we can choose for OSN, There are math, physic, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geosains, computer and economic. My math, physic, chemistry, biology, and computer teacher recommend me to choose that Olympiad … I really confused what subject will I choose cause I really like all that subject, moreover I didn’t want to make my teacher disappoint.
But, actually I really like math. I had a confident to take it, but then I was afraid becaused there are ten students join this training, five students from XI grade and five from X grade. For the Olympiad may be only five student would joined it. I almost give up, caused I thought that the students from the XI grade had a big chance to join it. But, I give confident to my self that I can do it. I always pray to God to give me a chance to join this Olympiad although only the fifth candidate from smansha.

Praise to God, When OSN for the city area was held, I can be one of the candidate from smansha. I really happy and grateful to God.. Thanks God!! .. But not only that, when I did the task, the question was too difficult… Honestly I hope I can pass from the city area caused I always dream that one day I can join the International Olympiad. So, I can make my parents, teacher, friends, and Lord Jesus proud on me.
A month after the test, I heard from my teacher in primagama that the announcement of the Olympiad was announced, and he said that I didn’t pass it…When heard that, my heart really broke. I can’t sleep in the night and just cried… I pray to God to give me his strength, caused I really disappoint with this. I tried to believe that there a God plans in every tears which fall out my eyes.
But, you know… the next day my friend give me a congratulation caused I passed the Olympiad. I don’t believe it!! I really surprise… N that’s true!! That I pass this Olympiad… I really grateful to Jesus and I’m felt a big regret because I had a little angry to him… Actually his love was too big for me, that he will never broke his promise… And because of that I always love him…
Every day I managed my time to study for the Olympiad and for the exam in school. Of course I didn’t want to loose any value caused I also want to join PMJK.. But 2 weeks before OSN, I got an accident. I was very sad caused I can’t study well. Morever 3 days after the Olympiad there an exam in the school. I just pray to God to give me his strength. And praised to God I still can join the Olympiad in the province area although I didn’t really recovered. I didn’t hope to much becaused I admit that I had a little prepared, moreover I just had an accident and I also had to managed my time for the exam in the school. But, altought I didn’t pass to the national area, I had a big grateful becaused God’s love really happen in my life. From the school area, city area, until the province area, if not God blessing work on me, may be all would not be a reality. I had proud to my self becaused I’m still in X grade when it happened. I still can try it this year. Morever now I’m in XI grade, so, I have more prepared for the Olympiad. If you read my blog, I hope you give me a pray, so I can make my dream come true. But, if this year I still can’t to prove it, I will not be sad because I have experience this, that not all people can’t feel it. Thanks God for everything… I’ll always love you and will never leave you because you’re my everything…

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