Sabtu, 03 September 2011

a little prayer

Dear Lord,
I pray for a man
That will be a part of my life
A man that really loves You more than everything
A man that will take me in the second place of his heart
A man that will live not for himself but for You

Face and physical are not important…
The most important is
I want a heart that really loves and thirsty of You
And he must know for whom and for what he lives
So his life is not useless…

Someone that has a wise heart, not only smart brain
A man that not only loves me, but also respect me
A man that not only can adore me, but can warn me when I am wrong
A man that loves me not from my smooth levels but from my heart
A man can be my best friend in any time and situation
A man that makes me feel a woman when I am beside him…

I am not asking a perfect he
But ask for an important he
So I can make he perfect in Your eyes
A man that needs my support for their strength
A man that needs my prayer for his life
A man that needs my smile to cover his sadness
A man that needs my love so he could feel love
A man that needs me to make his life

And I also ask
Make me woman that can make him proud
Give me a heart that really love You
So I could love him with Your love,
Not love him with my love
Give me Your gentle spirit,
So my personality doesn’t come from my outside
But come from You
Give me Your hands,
That I always be able to pray for him
Give me Your eyes,
So I could many good things in him, not the bad ones
Give me Your mouth,
That is filled with Your words of wisdom and encourage
So I could support him everyday
Give me Your lips,
And I will smile at the every time

And I want that when we finally meet
Both of us can say
How great Thou art
Thank you give me someone that can make my life perfect
I know that You want us to meet at the right time…
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