Rabu, 25 April 2012

Wedding Day - Casting Crown ^_^

VERSE 1There's a stirring in the throne roomAnd all creation holds it's breathWaiting now to see the bridgegroomWondering how the bride will dressAnd she wears whiteAnd she knows that she's undeservingShe bears the shame of historyWith this worn and weary maidenIs not the bride that he seesAnd she wears white head to toeBut only he can make it so
CHORUS:When someone dries your tearsWhen someone wins your heart and says your beautifulWhen you don't know you areAnd all you long to seeIs written on his faceLove has come and finally set you freeOn that wedding dayOn that wedding day
VERSE 2She has danced in golden castlesAnd she has crawled through beggar's dustBut today she stands before himAnd she wears his righteousnessAnd she will be who he adoresAnd this is what he made her for
BRIDGEWhen the hand that bears the only scarsAnd heaven touch her faceAnd the last tears she'll ever criedAre finally wiped awayAnd the clouds roll back as he takes her handAnd walks her through the gatesForever we will reign

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